About us

In 2023, African Caribbean Mental Health Services, Empower Consultants CIC, and Fikawelie Mental Health Unit CIC partnered to offer culturally tailored mental health services in Manchester and Trafford.

We provide sensitive, bespoke mental health interventions to South Asian, Black African, Caribbean, and dual heritage individuals with severe mental illness.

Our ongoing commitment is to ensure our community’s mental health needs are met, wherever possible.


To address the structural racial inequalities that exist in the provision of mental health services across Manchester and Trafford.

  1. Reduce Cultural Stereotypes – Challenge and break down harmful stereotypes that contribute to bias and misunderstanding within mental health services.
  2. Promote Mental Health and Wellbeing – Highlight the role that cultural awareness can play in enhancing mental health and overall wellbeing.
  3. Address Cultural Disparities – Identify and address disparities in access to mental health resources and early intervention services.
  4. Collaborate with Community Partners – Work together with community and public sector organisations in Manchester and Trafford to amplify the impact of the project.